Plant Reliability Solutions for
Cement Industry

Forecast equipment failures. Reduce unplanned downtime.
Improve plant productivity. Optimize maintenance strategies.

With the Cement industry’s focus shifting from ‘Volume to Value’ and an ever-increasing demand for sustainable manufacturing, the need to optimize plant availability and reliability is urgent.

Ineffective maintenance strategies often cause sudden failures and lead to the unavailability of critical industrial assets. Such unplanned production downtime can directly translate into millions of dollars of revenue losses, and compromise the health and safety of the plant maintenance staff.

With a strategic shift to the Predictive Maintenance model pertinent reliability objectives can be achieved in Cement manufacturing.

Digital Reliability- Driving sustainability for next-gen cement plants

Four out of five companies lack the data or ability to calculate downtime costs accurately. Digitalization can be a critical enabler of productivity and process improvements by identifying the top causes of downtime. A #1 Cement manufacturer increased total factory uptime by 1088 hours with plant reliability solutions.
Strengthen production levels, eliminate unplanned downtime, and make plant maintenance stress-free with AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance solutions designed for Cement Industry.

Enable Data-Driven Manufacturing

Access 360-degree view of plant process, equipment conditions, and real-time data to predict machine failures. Utilize data as a foundation to extract advanced analytics insights and accurately plan machine maintenance activities with minimal impact on production targets.

Extend Life of Machinery

Reduce resource wastage through machinery working in optimal conditions and providing value throughout the intended machine life. Achieve sustainability goals and get the most out of plant assets with digital reliability and cloud-enabled solutions.

Adopt Responsive Maintenance Approach

Employ responsive maintenance models to reduce critical incidents, prevent production outages, and enable better control of maintenance programs. Improve production quality and process compliance by ensuring optimum condition for every equipment.
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Maximize plant reliability and take your plant performance to the next level.

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