Chemicals and Fertilizers

Plant Reliability Solutions for
Chemicals and Fertilizers Industry

Minimize equipment failures causing unplanned downtime.
Prioritize predictive maintenance to optimize asset availability
and plant productivity.

Chemical and Fertilizer production plants operate in data rich environments, but still experience frequent unplanned downtime and exorbitant maintenance costs. Poor machine health can directly deteriorate product quality, and increase the risk of hazardous leaks or accidents.

Without optimal asset availability, production costs keep rising and productivity keeps declining, diminishing the bottom line.

In such complex production and maintenance conditions, intelligent Predictive Maintenance, becomes the only sustainable approach for achieving plant reliability objectives.

Digital Reliability for Future Ready Chemicals and Fertilizer Manufacturing Plants

Unplanned downtime costs in millions and disrupts the production process beyond repair for Chemicals and Fertilizer manufacturers. Digitalization and predictive analytics can enable advanced diagnostics and responsive maintenance of critical assets. A leading chemical manufacturer avoided unplanned downtime of 68 hours with plant reliability solutions.
Deploy data analytics and AI-enabled condition monitoring to predict maintenance needs and enhance plant reliability for chemicals and fertilizers manufacturing plants.

Remotely Monitor Machine Health

Deploy cloud enabled condition monitoring and auto-diagnostic solutions to remotely monitor machine health and performance. Effectively track standard and non-standard equipment to mitigate machine failure and process disruptions.

Strategically Improve OEE

Planned preventive maintenance negatively impacts OEE by 5-10%. Move towards predictive maintenance and organize need based maintenance events to strategically improve OEE. Empower plant maintenance teams to optimally utilize time and resources.

Advanced Quality Control

Access real-time data analytics to understand and manage machine health. Diagnose machine issues and malfunctions that can directly impact product quality and plan corrective actions based on sophisticated digital reliability reports.

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