Plant Reliability Solutions for
Metals Industry

Empower plant operations and maintenance. Mitigate machine failures.
Minimize unplanned downtime. Achieve digital reliability.

The Mining and Metal industry is progressively adapting to an evolving global business climate, exponential demand for cost-effective products in developing economies, and increasingly stringent environmental policies.

Asset reliability takes centre-stage when cost efficiency and maximal machine uptime can provide a competitive advantage. Metal production plants can’t afford sudden machine failures, unplanned downtime and the risk of hazardous leakages or explosions due to poor plant reliability measures.

A responsive Predictive Maintenance approach can enable achievement of plant reliability objectives with data-backed insights empowering plant maintenance and operation teams.

Predictive Maintenance and Digital Reliability for next-gen Mining and Metal Production plants

Asset condition and process visibility in real time can potentially bring down maintenance costs and mitigate unplanned downtime. Digitalization and AI-enabled predictive analytics can change the way plant reliability is approached for mining and metals industry.World’s largest aluminium producer capitalized on predictive analytics and plant reliability solutions to save 310 hours of factory downtime.
Optimize plant and process efficiencies with real-time information, analytical insights, and asset reliability solutions designed for Mining and Metals Industry.

Asset Protection and Reliability

Unreliable assets are responsible for unplanned downtime and process disruption. Utilize real-time asset health information from remote locations to plan maintenance events with minimal disruption of plant operations.

Optimize Production and Yield

Assuredly operate assets at rated capacities to maximize plant uptime and the resultant yield. Enable data-driven manufacturing with digital-first approach and avoid eventualities that can negatively impact plant production or output.

Achieve Cost Efficiencies

Empower plant maintenance teams with responsive predictive maintenance and digital reliability solutions. Reduce plant downtime multi-fold with auto-diagnostics data available in real-time and syndicated maintenance recommendations to support decision-making.

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