Plant Reliability Solutions for
Automotive Industry

Drive plant productivity with optimized maintenance strategies.
Predict machine malfunctions to take corrective actions and
minimize unplanned downtime.

The Automotive industry needs to continually evolve to simultaneously meet market demands and regulatory requirements. Continual production processes are adapted for incremental upgrades, on-the-go maintenance and total quality control.

However, sudden equipment failures still occur due to reactive maintenance strategies. The resultant unplanned production downtime can directly translate into millions of dollars of revenue losses and unsafe work environs.

With real-time monitoring of machine health and a Predictive Maintenance model, automotive industry can sustainably achieve plant reliability objectives.

Digital Reliability and Predictive Maintenance for Automotive plants

Insufficient data and understanding of downtime causes can create a vicious loop of recurring process disruptions. Digitalization can provide visibility and to asset health and support framing of effective maintenance strategies. A leading automotive manufacturer saved 16 hours of production downtime with plant reliability solutions.
Deploy AI-enabled predictive maintenance solutions designed for Automotive Industry to improve production levels and mitigate unplanned downtime.

Empower Maintenance Planning

Monitor machine health and production conditions in real-time to predict potential machine malfunctions and process downtime. Utilize advanced analytics and data-backed insights to accurately plan cost-efficient machine maintenance events.

Optimize Asset Performance

Manage Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to strategically minimize downtime and improve net plant productivity. Prioritize machine health with predictive maintenance models to extract the most out of every asset.

Ensure Process Safety and Reliability

Reduce critical incidents and production outages that are directly caused by inefficient maintenance strategies. Create a safer and more reliable production environment with zero wastage of resources.

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